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My students continually surprise me. It is an observation that fuels me as an educator. I enjoy adapting to the responses and reactions of my students.

When I taught bilingual third grade, my school was lucky enough to purchase several rolling wireless laptop labs. I became one of the first teachers trained to use them and immediately adapted my curriculum to integrate using technology as much as possible.
These students are taking advantage of our classroom's reading "nook." This is a space we built together for students to use when the distractions of the classroom were too intrusive.
With one class, it quickly became apparent that my native English speakers reading skills were going to progress faster than the rest of the students. To ensure that all of my students were challenged, I formed a group of advanced readers from all 5 Kindergarten classes. Here we are reading together.
This reading group is performing an impromptu chorale reading for the class. During instruction, the children unexpectedly fell into a rhythm together that they enjoyed. I asked if they would like to share the sotry with the class.
In this photo, I have given two students a special job in this whole class project of drawing "100 Things That Roll." One of my students was gifted and math and enjoyed keeping count for the class by recording the number of each object. The other is a true "artist" and is editing some of the perceived flaws of the poster.
This class had a love for my puppets. Puppetry became a primary mode of instruction in my classroom. As an end of the year parting gift, I made photos for each of my students with their favorite puppets, hoping that the image will help them remember their time in Kindergarten as the grow up.
Teaching a classroom of English Language Learners often presented difficulties for me that I could not have predicted. In this case, I found that communicating behavior expectations "in the moment" was challenging. To aid the situation, I posed students and took pictures, edited them, and created a personal behavior chart that was easy to refer to quickly and understood by all.