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Some of my best ideas are the product of professional collaboration. The sharing and combining of ideas enhances my classroom. I believe that each team member has a different story and thus different strengths to share.

When I decided to plan a school-wide Read-a-Thon fundraiser for our school, I realized I needed outside support to make it happen. My Dad's company generously offered to sponsor us. My Dad flew to Chicago to enjoy the day with students from Kindergarten to High School.
As much as I love teaching Science, I often lamented at the lack of innovative materials at our disposal. My husband, a self-proclaimed "science guy" worked for months to plan a "Spetacular Science Day" for my class where w launched model rockets, studied the property of sound, and made spinning top levitate (shown here).
When Guatemala celebrates the holiday "Carnaval," the preprimary students come in costumes and we have a big parade. On our Kindergarten team, teachers are no exception. Here we pose for a picture before the parade begins.
I learned the benefits of collaboration during my first student teaching experience. By the end of our time together, I truly felt like we were team teaching. Being able to practice such a high level of collaboration was a great learning experience.
My Kindergarten classes have always enjoyed having reading buddies with other students. Here students are reading with their older buddies. Collaboration for this project often involved writing projects as well as reading.
I know that my students learn a lot from the modeling of their peers. Towards the end of the year, a transitional day is held when Kindergarteners get to try out first grade. First graders are pictured here giving a presentation about life in grade one.
Sometimes concepts we study are just a little bit too complicated for us. So, we call on our friends for help. When we celebrated the 100th Day of School, we asked older students to help us with centers since sometimes counting to 100 is hard! Here is a group that made a sculpture with 100 blocks.
Each year, I prepare an assembly for parents. It is something we build up to throughout the entire year. In this particular year, we decided to put together all five Kindergarten classes. In a grand collaborative effort, we performed "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss.