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It takes a village to raise a child. Everyone has something valuable to teach us or share with us. Being connected to parents and the community creates meaningful and real experiences for my students. I seek these opportunities as much as possible.


Communication takes many different forms. Depending on the information sent home, I make every attempt to translate my materials into Spanish. Click on the links below to view some of my sample newsletters and calendars in PDF format.


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For students learning English as their second language, writing can be some of the most challenging work. This field trip to "Admiral Moody's Publishing House" transformed our class into published authors. The secret writing workshop is housed behind

"The Boring Store" - a fake Spy store. Check it out!

Third graders are lucky enough to take a drip to Chicago's famous Field Museum. The much-anticipated event is seeing the HUGE dinosaur bones in person. Together with our parent volunteers, we learned a great deal about history.
I include many visitors in my curriculum planning. Whoever may visit, we are always sure to give them a warm welcome. It is a good time to think about being courteous to a stranger and being on our best behavior.
So much learning can happen at home too. In additon to the multitude of newsletters, calendars, letters, and flyers that I send home to parents daily, I also like to involve families in our academic studies. This picture shows the contents of our "wheelwatcher" bag which was sent home with a different students each day. The task: find anything and everything that rolls.
Sometimes parents or relatives have great things to share with us based on our theme. During our wheels theme, a grandfather of a student shared the new Mac truck he owned. It was interesting and fun.
When studying different countries around the world, one student coincidentally had her grandmother visiting from Holland. We didn't even know where that was! Mia came to talk to us about how Holland is the same and different as Guatemala.
Though it takes a great deal of planning, field trips and excursions outside of school are a much looked-forward to aspect of my classroom. In this picture we are on our way to the childrens museum.
El Muse del Nino gave us a chance to do so many things that would not be possible inside the classroom. It especially worked on some fine and gross motor skill. Everyone enjoyed this operation exhibit.
I strive to keep parents in touch with what their students are learning. At the end of the year, a small graduation party is held where students share a story they work on for several weeks and we all enjoy a picture slideshow of the year.
Before we make a trip to someplace outside of school, we make sure to be prepared. Before we went to the zoo (pictured above), we researched animals, wrote about animals, and made our own animal puppets. It made the whole trip more meaningful.