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Not a day goes by without a little song and dance. I am committed to teaching the younger elementary grades for this reason. I must create an environment filled with music and movement. They are powerful learning tools and create memorable, lasting learning experiences.

As the Camp-Learned-A-Lot host, I enjoyed leading group "Roll Call" each morning with the 550 participating students. Here another students helps me shout a cheer on the black top.
We hopped, huffed, and huddled in honor of "Crazy Hat Day" while we paraded down the halls of our school for all to see and enjoy. Here students are holding up the hat whistles and showing off their unique head-wear.
Letter L was made more fun by a quick game of limbo. A kinestethetic activity that takes place outside of the classroom is a great way to break up the day and keep everyone alert and involved.
In a phonics program specialized for ELL, every letter has it's own story, movement, and song. I place great emphasis on these activities. Here, students made an "inky" puppet for the letter I, so that they could sing the song at home. I also offer CDs of our classroom songs to parents.
Even Math concepts work well with songs. As a whole class, we practiced basic subtraction concepts by singing the song "Sally the Camel" and using chairs and our bodies as "humps" in her back. When Sally has no more humps, she becomes a horse, of course.
Red light ! Green light ! Early in the year, when learning relevant safety and traffic rules, I led a game of red light, green light to review what we had learned.