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Routine, routine, routine. It is the simple, and yet essential key to success in any classroom environment. As a highly organized person, I implement and maintain many structures in the daily life of my students. It is more than just a simple set of motions, it is the beginning of study skills and good work habits.

Each day begins with a message on the board and a reviewing of the schedule cards, which apply to each day. The schedule cards are an excellent tool for students to use in order to manage and understand time.
Mornings are filled with routine to get the day going. Students sign in their name, but it's more than just handwriting practice. It gives the classroom a sense of accountability for their presence in our community.
Kindergarteners are "big kids" who learn to take care of their belongings. They pick up, clean up, and zip up their things without a teacher. Here a student is putting away their backpack and lunch box.
Some routines are far from boring. Each Monday begins with a "feely bag" filled with mystery objects that have one thing in common. Everyone looks forward to this activity and tries their best to guess the teacher's plan.
A simple but important rule in my class is bringing a backpack everyday, no matter if there's anything in it. Without it, our belongings are bound to be dropped or lost. It's a good habit to have.
Learning to write and writing well is a lot harder when children don't sit in their chairs properly or hold their pencils correctly. When I say "how do you sit" aloud, students know immediately to check their posture.
Everyone needs their own special space for their work. Sometimes a bookshelf works wonders for this. Each students may keep their own books and papers in the spot above their name and that way we all stay organized.