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All I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten. And so much of it was learned through play. That's what "social" studies are - studying how to interact, how to be a friend. Together we work on these skills through play.

This guy is ready for Wall Street. These students won a Field Day relay race to dress one another in a suit and tie, complete with notepad and glasses. Field Day is a much-looked-forward-to event for third graders and a great opportunity to let loose, enjoy the warming weather, and play!
After a hot day filled with relay races, water dunk tanks, and feats of teamed-strength, we relax on the grass as a class. The school year will be over in less than a month, and some of us are already sad about saying good-bye for the summer.
Social Studies activities are rotated daily on a pocket chart. Each period begins with a 15-20 minute literacy activity on the top, and then two free play choices o the bottom. The children have freedom to choose and also play with different children each day.
Dramatic play is a favorite area in my classroom. Students enjoy dressing up and playing pretend, usually around a set theme that we are working on. Here students are taking a "vacation" together. I'm not sure if they're ready for the beach or Alaska...
Students also enjoy free marker time. Social Studies activities are always "choice" based, so though there may be a specific marker art project option, students may always choose to use plain paper as well.
No Kindergarten would be complete without building blocks. Children select from several different types and build together, sharing the blocks evenly.
Kindergarten is an important time to learn about how we can benefit from one anothers strengths. During "buddy reading," students help one another read little books aloud.
Another literacy activity is "making books." Students cut pictures from magazines and glue them into short books that they write their own story to. Sometimes they don't make very much sense, but they are their own.